Friday, May 28, 2010

Why Are Green Printing Eco - Friendly?

A new trend is being followed by the people known as "Go Green". Similarly take part in green printing which means saving the environment. Green printing means making the environment eco - friendly by using eco - friendly colors. The industries have polluted the environment hugely but now they are trying to use eco - friendly color. Even with the new technologies we still havent change the way of printing.

The environment can be saved by using papers which can be recycled. A printer which is eco - friendly to the environment is used by most of the companies. Petroleum based ink produces carbon emission which is harmful to both environment and to people. It is better to use vegetable or soy ink. This ink gives better quality and brighter colors. The news paper company mainly uses the soy ink. The benefits of recycling the paper are - less pollution, trees are live and less energy. Just think that in few years there wont be any trees.

Recycle paper are benefit for global warming and trees. The wastage of paper is generated from printing industries. The petroleum ink releases a harmful gas like volatile organic compounds. If this vapor is inhaled by a person then there are chances for getting asthma attack. The printing industries consume lot of electricity and fossil fuels in higher volume. Due to this, the natural resource poses a threat to the lives on earth.

Tips on environment printing:

Recycle the cartridge which is less expensive.
Save and recycle paper by printing both sides. Print only when it is important.
Buy eco - friendly printer.
Use only soy ink

A printing factory is dependent on trees and water for paper. These are the main key ingredients which are not eco - friendly to the environment. The four main uses of green printing is - ink, paper, electricity and knowledge. The soy ink is extracted from soya bean oil. Then the oil is mixed with wax, resins and pigments to provide desired color. The ink is harmless because it needs fewer pigments. The ink can be easily removed from paper.

Setting up a green printing company is not easy and is very expensive. The printers cost a lot but are very useful. In green printing, only green graphic design is provided with paper which is recycled. This means that a lot of trees are not chopped and the water is use for eco - friendly printer is reduced. This leads to reduction of destroying the forests for paper and water wastages is less which is healthy for the environment.

- By: Paul Thomas -

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